A ceremony provides a special moment for couples to express the adoration they have for another soul, yet, it can often be hard to piece these feelings in to words....

So how do we define your love? 

In many ways love can be blind, as if it was always there; an underlying subtlety that unconsciously led us to ‘the one’. Love can make us stop still; take us to another world we never knew existed. Love can be the reason why you can’t look away, it's like you're holding something that you can’t actually see. Love can be confusing, it can be madness, forbidden, unknown, silent, yet deafening. 

Ultimately, love is when you give a piece of your heart, and yet you still feel complete. 

As your celebrant, it is my role to help you filter and transition your feelings, to help you define your unique love, and create a ceremony that is truly reflective of the words your soul speaks. Your wedding is more than just one day for officiating the love you have for your soulmate. It is a timeless moment, an unspeakable feeling, a memory most memorable. I am here to help you create this day, and in a way that is purely unique of your love for each other.