So why me?


I LOVE what I do! And every ceremony fuels that fire all the more.

I feel incredibly fortunate for the opportunity to combine the skills attained from my Communications degree with my ‘love for love’, and in a way that will make your special day truly unforgettable.
Having travelled the world for six years as a Chief Stewardess working on private yachts, I came to know what it is to go beyond expectation, and provide nothing less than perfection to guests from all walks of life.

“The love between two people, at its most pure, raw, and unbreakable form is what led me to become a Marriage Celebrant…”

My previous professions have stead me well as a Celebrant knowing that I thrive in situations where I must orchestrate and think ahead. Every dilemma is fixable – I endeavor to sort or support unforeseen situations and ensure your day reflects exactly what you’ve envisioned.
And we’ll start the ceremony whenever you’re both ready. If you’d like another minute (or 10, or more!), we have all the time you need. This is such a beautiful occasion and you want to remember every moment. It’s for this reason I cap the amount of weddings I take on each year. When it comes to performing a ceremony, my focus has always been “how good” not “how many”, by only taking on what is within capacity ensures this principle remains paramount on your special day.
It also means I can continue to love this business I’ve built from the bottom and one I’m so proud of in that I’m giving you my full attention and capacity and not feeling overwhelmed in taking on new business that I can’t give 100% to. Your ceremony is your moment, and I feel privileged to be a part of it. “It’s better to have four quarters than 100 pennies” – Al Capone

Stuck for a song?

Choosing wedding music can be a tough one! I’m often asked by couples what music works well for a ceremony (and also which songs are overplayed!)

“Music is such a an individual thing. We all have personal taste. Watch a few classic films, get the radio pumping, but don’t feel pressured to lock your list in too soon. Listen now, choose later.”

 And once you’ve decided, be sure not to listen to your song list too
often leading up to your wedding. You want to feel like you did when
you imagined it being played at that special moment.

Need more inspiration? Here’s my Spotify Wedding song playlist – a mix
of ceremony and reception hits to get you thinking! (always being