What an exciting time for you both. I hope that your wedding planning is going well, and the process hasn’t been too overwhelming. The journey to creating your day should be an enjoyable one. If it’s all becoming too much, stop, take a break and breathe. I promise it will all come together.

Your wedding is more than just one day for officiating the love you have for your soulmate. It is a timeless moment, an unspeakable feeling, a memory most memorable. We create this day together, and in a way that is purely unique of you both and your love for each other. Your day, your way.

“This is your moment. Don’t be weighted by tradition or swayed by others. Do what feels right.”.

I’m with you every step of this exciting journey – from our first meeting until well after the dust settles. There are never too many emails you can send, or phone calls to make. I’m here to help and happy to pass on my guidance or recommendations.

And on that note, if you’re on the hunt for amazing suppliers, check out these fantastic individuals and businesses below. I’ve worked with them all before (and on numerous occasions!) so can highly recommend their services: